Who will be the 2024 United States Basketball Champion? #2024USBC

USBN is a media network dedicated solely to professional basketball in the USA, outside the NBA.
USBN covers Top Teams, Top Players, and Top Events.

Redefining Professional Basketball in the United States

At USBN, financial stability and fair compensation are at the heart of our vision. We advocate for better pay to ensure players can focus solely on honing their skills and delivering peak performance. Recognizing that the prime age for NBA players is around 26, USBN extends the playing window, offering athletes opportunities to continue their careers and secure contracts with the G-League or other professional leagues, thus ensuring financial security and transformative opportunities.

Central to our mission is the United States Basketball Championship (USBC), our premier event that crowns the true national champion among professional teams outside the NBA. USBN is dedicated to supporting local professional teams and players, who play a crucial role in mentoring the next generation and fostering the growth of youth basketball nationwide. Join us in our commitment to elevating the game and providing lasting opportunities for all players.

USBN provides year-round coverage of professional basketball in the US.
The USBN features:

  • Three-Point Contests
  • Slam Dunk Contests
  • Player’s Profiles and Stories
  • Basketball Camps and Skills Competitions

USBN’s signature event is the United States Basketball Championship.
Teams across the country compete to find out who is the best professional basketball team in the nation.

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Upcoming Events

2024 USBC Round 2 – Tournament of 12

Alario Center 2000 Segnette Blvd, Westwego, LA, United States

What is the Tournament of 12? The USBN 2024 USBC Round 2 is named the Tournament of 12 (T12). Round 1 feature 12 regions nationwide. Each region will have 1 […]


National Rankings

To Be Announced December

1. Arizona Fire
2. Baltimore Hawks
3. Chicago Legends
4. Indiana Lyons
5. Raleigh Firebirds
6. Rhode Island Kraken
7. The Syracuse Stallions
8. Valley Vipers
9. Baltimore Hawks
10. Indiana Lyons

Frequently Asked Questions

Does USBN charge teams to participate?

No. The opposite occurs with USBN. The goal of USBN is to generate revenues outside of what teams can make and to use that money to produce games or distribute to teams. This way, teams don’t pay to play. USBN hopes to pay teams money for playing.

What is the role of USBN?

USBN finds partnerships and sponsors that teams alone cannot get. USBN partners and sponsors help create and produce all content and games. USBN is here to increase the quality of the game day production and be an income source for teams.

How does USBN benefit Teams and Players?

USBN can increase the awareness of your team. USBN can help grow your fan base. Building a teams’ awareness and fan base helps grow the team’s operating budget which can go to help player’s salaries and other team needs.

Why does USBN produce the USBC

Currently there is no National Professional Basketball Team winner in the United States of America. If the NBA Champ says they are the World’s Champion, then who is the best team in the United States? United States Basketball Championship is the only competition that answers that question.


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