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USBN Makes History with Partnership with PlaySpark.

USBN and PlaySpark

February 29th, 2024

Royston, Ga — The United States Basketball Network (USBN) is proud to announce its groundbreaking partnership with PlaySpark, a leading Australian sports technology company, marking the first collaboration of its kind between the United States and Australia in the realm of professional basketball.

This strategic alliance between USBN and PlaySpark aims to revolutionize the fan experience for professional basketball enthusiasts across the United States. By leveraging PlaySpark’s cutting-edge technology, USBN is set to elevate the engagement levels of fans, offering an immersive and interactive experience that goes beyond traditional sports entertainment.

As part of this historic collaboration, the USBN is thrilled to introduce PlaySpark to its professional basketball teams nationwide. The Georgia Kangaroos, one of USBN’s premier pro teams, will be the trailblazers in adopting the PlaySpark product, providing their fans with an unprecedented and captivating experience throughout the upcoming season.

PlaySpark’s innovative platform seamlessly integrates augmented reality, interactive challenges, and real-time engagement features, creating an immersive and dynamic environment for fans. From live statistics and player interactions to virtual meet-and-greets and exclusive behind-the-scenes content, PlaySpark is set to transform the way fans connect with their favorite teams.

The USBN believes that this partnership will not only enhance the fan experience but also open new avenues for brand collaborations, sponsorships, and revenue streams within the professional basketball industry.

“We are thrilled to be the first American company to join forces with PlaySpark and bring this revolutionary sports entertainment experience to our fans,” said An USBN Spokesperson. “This partnership signifies our commitment to innovation and providing our audience with a truly unique and engaging experience. The Georgia Kangaroos, as the inaugural team to embrace PlaySpark, exemplify our dedication to pushing the boundaries of sports entertainment.”

PlaySpark’s CEO / Co-Founder, Luke Santamaria, expressed excitement about this collaboration, stating, “We are excited to partner with USBN and contribute to the evolution of sports entertainment in the United States. Our technology is designed to bring fans closer to the action, fostering a sense of community and excitement. Together with USBN, we look forward to setting a new standard for fan engagement in professional basketball.”

The USBN and PlaySpark collaboration is a testament to the global nature of the sports and entertainment industry and highlights the importance of fostering international partnerships to drive innovation and elevate the fan experience.

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About United States Basketball Network (USBN):

The United States Basketball Network (USBN) is a leading organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing the sport of basketball in the United States. With a focus on professional basketball, USBN oversees a network of teams and events that showcase the talent and excitement of the game.

About PlaySpark:

PlaySpark is an Australian-based sports technology company that specializes in creating innovative and immersive fan experiences for sports enthusiasts. With a focus on augmented reality, interactive challenges, and real-time engagement, PlaySpark is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way fans connect with their favorite teams and players.